P-51 goes ‘birdcage’ in latest IL-2 update

A few updates coming to us from the 1C Game Studios team and from Executive Producer Jason Williams in the form of some new P-51B screenshots. We also get a look at a new bomber crew member for US aircraft. Let’s check it out!

‘Birdcage style’

The earlier P-51 aircraft, before the definitive D model with its bubble canopy, had a ‘razorback’ fuselage style with a canopy that offered somewhat less visibility than the later versions. Its also hard to deny that it has a style about it that looks extremely good!

According to Jason, development on the P-51 has been somewhat delayed but they now expect that it will release sometime next month.

The team is also looking for some more photographic resources on the P-51B models that were retrofitted with the ‘Malcom Hood’ canopy. If anyone does have information or photos, they should reach out to the team.

Also on display is the American bomber pilot model which looks fantastic. The pilot will be seen in the B-26 AI aircraft coming near the end of Normandy’s development process.

All of this and more available on the latest IL-2 developer diary.


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