FlyByWire talks more about their A380 project

Flight Simulator airliner fans are likely going to want to watch the last little bit of FlyByWire’s latest ‘In the hangar’ series of videos as the team is talking more about their A380 project and showing off visual details as well as systems. Let’s have a look!

A380 progress

FlyByWire, rising to prominence as freeware group that has been busy improving the base Airbus A320 in Flight Simulator and turning it into a much deeper aircraft simulation. Their regular updates on ‘In the hangar’ has been mostly focused on how they are improving the A320 but they have also been showing more and more on their A380 project and yesterday, during a stream, they showed off a bit more.

Starting at 37 minutes and 49 seconds, the FlyByWire team talk and show a bit more on the A380. There are four new images showing a more complete 3D model than we’ve seen previously and we see some of the FMS programming in action too.

Keep an eye on FlyByWire on Twitter to see what they are up to or visit their website.


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