IL-2 Desert Wings – Tobruk: Update 5.026 makes some important changes

Team Fusion Simulations have just released Update 5.026 for IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover and Desert Wings – Tobruk. It looks like a really good update with some progress on some important quality of life issues. Let’s have a look!

Key changes

It seems like ‘quality of life’ was the essential driving force behind this latest update because Team Fusion Simulations has made some important updates to the sim. There’s no headlining feature like a major piece of new content but instead some core changes like support of up to 16 USB game controllers – doubling the number from before.

New information windows have been created with a ‘large’ option for engine control feedback making them more readable on 4K displays. The maps have also seen changes with coordinates continuing to be displayed at higher zoom levels.

Here’s the change log:

  • We now support up to 16 USB game controllers aka Joysticks (formerly eight)
  • The Beaufighter and Wellington now have FLRC support.
  • The headshake effects are now more consistent with the physical laws.
  • The ingame info windows now have a new graphics option ‘Large’ for the engine control feedback (they were much too small for players with 4k displays).
  • The ingame navigation map’s position is now always saved (not only when it had been closed ingame).
  • The ingame navigation map’s battle area coordinates keep being displayed when zooming out (they used to disappear at a certain level).
  • The ingame navigation map’s elements can now be displayed in layout ‘Large’ (they were much too small for players with 4k displays).
  • The steep rock walls (Tobruk) and cliffs (Channel) do not ‘flicker’ anymore when zooming in/out from a certain distance or ‘change’ when coming closer.
  • Mission builders now have access to a field “VariantName” in AiAircraft objects. This allows them to access the names of aircraft variants for scoring and logging (“Bf 110 C-4B/trop” instead of ‘tobruk:Aircraft.Bf-110C-4B_Trop).

Load up your Steam app and get the update going today.


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