Thranda report their new PZL-104 Wilga nearly ready for X-Plane 11 launch

One of X-Plane 11’s best developers, Thranda, have taken the wraps off their latest project. Moving on from success with the Kodiak Quest and DHC-2 Beaver, their next aircraft is the PZL-105MA Wilga 2000. Let’s have a look!

Progress to completion

PZL-104 Wilga is a Polish made STOL utility aircraft. About 1,000 of these aircraft were produced by PZL Warszawa-Okęcie and later the European aircraft maker EADS with production ending in 2006.

Thranda is bringing this aircraft to X-Plane 11 as part of their ‘Dynamic Generation Series’ which aims to offer a highly configurable experience. Dynamic livery generator and a control panel with over 50 instruments that can be freely swapped out and configured. Thranda have previously offered some of these features on their past projects and have gotten very good at making some very interesting flying experiences in X-Plane.

Development continues and the update from Thranda reports that they are currently working on flight model, documentation, sounds, graphics, extra features, and variants.

One of the variants is the infamous ‘Draco’ which is a heavily modified Wilga used in bushplane competitions in the U.S. Check out this short video about the plane and its owner to get a better sense of it.

It seems uncertain if we’ll see this variant although people have been asking about it. Here’s what Thranda developer ‘danklaue’ had to say:

We’ve modelled and textured the Draco already (for the most part)… the original idea for this product was, to get to the Draco.  However, that project is up in the air (or should I rather say, “grounded”) right now… partially because of the work involved in the avionics, partially because of delays in the work involved on the base version, and partially because of the fact that the original has crashed, and we’re not sure what the future of the real Draco holds.  We will probably have to wait, and will need to take a hard look at the project and its worthwhileness, of which I think we’ll get a better idea once the basic plane is on the market.  We’re working on other projects, of which one could say with a fairly high degree of certainty, that their ROI will be better than the Draco, and given the delay in news from the next version of X-Plane, and added variables (such as personal crises/changes pretty much all of us at Thranda are currently going through), we cannot commit to announcing it as a “for sure” project.

Modeled but with an uncertain future, the ‘Draco’ variant is likely still of interest to many X-Plane pilots.

So, we’ll have to see if the Draco becomes part of the Wilga project but it does show the kind of options and expansion possibilities for this aircraft once the base version is in.

Check out this thread on the X-Plane forums for more details!


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    Best GA studio in flight sim

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