An X-Plane 747-200 that was three years in the making

Late as it is in the lifespan of X-Plane 11, it’s still getting phenomenal new aircraft and the latest one to release is sure to make airliner fans happy. Felis’ Boeing 747-200 Classic is the latest big release and it seeks to recreate the classic 747-200 from the early days of the jumbo jet.

Features and media

The 747-200 takes us back to the era before glass cockpits started to takeover the instruments for airliners. For some, this hands on approach with a more classic airliner and the ability to go back to the heydays of the classic ‘jumbo jet’ is going to appeal.

Felis’ 747 is packed with a lengthy list of features including an extensive electrical and fuel system simulation, custom autopilot with autoland functionality, FMOD sounds, crew voices, fuel and load calculators, ground service controls, an INS helper, PBR textures and FMOD sounds. For classic airliner pilots, that sounds like it has everything people are looking for.

An trailer was released weeks ago previewing the aircraft if you want to have a look.

Several content creators have had an early look at the 747-200 Classic as well. Among them are Q8Pilot who streamed a flight with it as well as Captain Canada whose long haul airliner flights are legendary.


At $70 USD on the, the Felis 747-200 is up there when it comes to pricing. With a three year development cycle and what appears to be a highly detailed and realistic simulation of the 747-200, it’s also not too far off from what you might expect from some other high end airliners for X-Plane such as the Tolis A319 and A321 ($79).

If the 747-200 Classic sounds like something you might be interested, check it out on the X-Plane.Org store.


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