Get ready for FSExpo 2021!

It’s tough running big events in 2021 but the folks behind Flight Sim Expo are pulling it off with a hybrid in-person and virtual event this year. Two and a half days of presentations are on tap for both virtual and in-person attendees so let’s have a look at some upcoming highlights.

Things to look out for

Next generation of X-Plane

On Saturday from 2-3pm, Laminar Research will be talking about X-Plane. We know from their presentation at Oshkosh this year that the team will be taking more of the wrapper off of their next generation of X-Plane products. Some in the community are convinced that this is a X-Plane 11 variation while others are convinced this is X-Plane 12. I put myself in the later camp but it seems likely that we’ll know by next weekend just what they are planning to do.

We’ve already seen some videos showing off some of the sims new features but it sounds like they have been holding out for a bit longer to really show off what will hopefully be some juicy new details. Laminar have also been showing off more of their A330 cockpit which will be one of the default aircraft to ship with the sim.

Laminar Research was planning to be an exhibitor at the event but the ongoing health crisis has prompted the team to scale back their plans and only two members of the team will be onsite.

New Thrustmaster hardware revealed?

Another potentially exciting reveal at the expo this year will be Thrustmaster who have previously teased that they will be showing off something new at the show this year. It’s widely expected that they will be offering some sort of preview of some new civil aviation gear but there may also be some surprises for military aviation fans too. We’ll see what they have to show off.

Turtlebeach and the new Velocity One

Another hardware maker, Turtle Beach, are throwing their hat into the ring for flight sim hardware and are going to be showing off their new hardware. The Velocity One Flight Universal Control System for Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One and Windows 10 will be on display during the expo and Turtle Beach are also one of the presenters on Saturday afternoon.

Other things to look out for

My friend and flight sim developer Jon Coughlin who I met at FSExpo 2019 where he was showing off Roger Meatball will be doing a very interesting session called ‘Your First DIY Home Cockpit Component’ at 12:30 pm on the Saturday.

On Sunday, the X-Plane Landing Competition will be happening. If you want to get access to the same scenario, check it out here.

John O’Callaghan, a , National Resource Specialist – Aircraft Performance from the NTSB, will be hosting a very interesting session called ‘The Role of Simulation in NTSB Aviation Accident Investigations’. So if you want to know how flight sims contribute to investigations, you can attend and watch that.

Finally, one cancellation that some of you may want to know about. Plans continue to change and one unfortunate change for fans of the IL-2 series that were planning to go to the expo will be news that Jason won’t be able to attend the expo saying that he hopes to put on a bigger display next year.

For my part, I will be doing some summaries of what I learn from the live stream of the expo here on so stay tuned for those next weekend. I hope to be able to attend the 2022 version in-person but for now will be enjoying the expo from the comfort of my own living room.

You can still attend

If any of these presentations or the others listed on the FSExpo Schedule appeal, you can still register now! In person registrations are $70 USD for the whole weekend, $45 for one day, and $15 for online attendees. Learn more about it at the official Flight Sim Expo website.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    You’re gonna miss the complimentary drinks and lovely hostesses showing you from booth to booth? Great sadness.

    But looking forward to the articles.


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