Team Fusion provides a WIP update of VR

IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover and Desert Wings fans will want to pay close attention to this new update from Team Fusion Simulations. VR has been talked about as a feature for the sim for a while now and we’re starting to see that come together now with a series of updates starting with this one. Let’s have a look at what’s been shown and talked about!

VR update

The update today is not a patch or the actual arrival of VR as a few might have been saying but rather a development update covering some of the new key features for VR in Cliffs of Dover/Desert Wings Tobruk.

Among the key features is the addition of VR rotation amplification which functions a bit more like TrackIR where smaller head movements will translate into a longer movement inside the sim. Apparently this is fully configurable.

Additionally, the video also includes details in the description about some of the key features and their current progress.

  • VR is now working in both cockpit and external views.
  • Players will have unlimited motion outside of the aircraft, enabling them to complete visual inspections of before take off and after landing. This will be optional.
  • Spiral tracers effects are perfect. Smoke from self-destructing shells give a really good 3D perspective when passing through them.
  • With VR distance immersion, the Tobruk desert map really get its whole dimension.
  • We are halfway through the implementation of mini map, info windows and UI screens in the VR display.

Check out these and other updates in this latest video from Team Fusion.


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  1. Robert Haynes says:

    Wow, they aren’t half assing the VR implementation. The rotational amplification sounds like something that other flight sims should adopt. I’m getting older and fatter, and it’s harder than ever to check my six.

    I’m very excited for this update, and I’m happy I bought Tobruk to support these guys.

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  2. Phunkaeg says:

    Yes! Exciting!


  3. ZiggyZiggyStar says:

    Yes, I am also impressed. The rotation amplification built-in is a great idea, saves on using add ons. I’m also hoping there will also be simshaker compatibility from the start.

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  4. Owi says:

    Looking forward to this, but I feel we are probably very far away from releas and I hope this game wil still be relevant when it finaly drops. Last time i checked there wasnt really any populated servers (one server with around 10 plp) and there are more and more intresting games comming out streaching this smal comunity even future.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Cliffs of Dover multiplayer is small and I suspect more spend time in the single player but there are regular events that usually fill a server or two. Worth keeping an eye on those events if you’d like to have some fun with it.

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  5. MADOV says:

    I am looking forward to VR implementation into CloD as I have very fond memories of large scale air battles on the monitor. I do like the idea of rotation amplification as this will benefit the VR headsets with more limited FOV but I would hope that it doesn’t become as easy to emulate an owl as it is with TrackIR. For users with limited movement this will be a godsend too.

    Unfortunately, the track record for progress on this particular platform has proved to be very slow and my intuition is that we won’t be seeing VR within this sim this side of Christmas.


    1. Robert Haynes says:

      Yeah, if it wasn’t for the TrackIR users, I wouldn’t care so much about the rotational amplification. But whenever I watch a stream of someone dogfighting, they are whipping around to check their six like every 4 seconds, and they can put their six in the center of their view.

      Meanwhile, I am in VR, trying my best to use a mirror, because if I turn around to look behind me, the contortions will throw off my maneuvering.



    The VR rotation amplification is sorely needed on IL2 Great Battles. I injured my neck in the army and cannot rotate my neck very far without causing major damage. I use a swivel chair to half-ass reduce the problem but VR rotation amplification is the answer! I won’t fly without VR and this idea is sorely needed!

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  7. Firdimigdi says:

    Props to them for the use of a PET bottle to mount the headset on and show off the rotation amplification.


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