FlyingIron Simulations reports P-38L for MSFS ready to go

Fans of Lockheed’s famous twin engine fighter, the P-38L Lightning, get ready because FlyingIron Simulations has put up a notice indicating that their latest Microsoft Flight Simulator project is ready to take-off and will become available within hours.

Late model P-38 ready to go

The P-38L was the last major production version of the famous ‘Forktailed Devil’ and FlyingIron Simulations are set to release their version of the famous fighter tomorrow. The time given is 12:30 AEST on September 30th. That puts the type’s release at just a couple of hours from now in North America.

FlyingIron have previously released a promotional trailer for the type which you can view here.

Key features have also been listed by the team on their store website. Here are some of those key features:

  • Incredibly detailed modelling, texturing, lighting & artwork
  • Hi-fidelity Wwise Sound Package, using sounds recorded from a real P-38 Lightning
  • Highly realistic Flight Model, fine-tuned down to the smallest details
  • Realistic simulation of the twin, counter-rotating Alison V-1710 1600 HP engines powering the Curtiss 3-blade constant speed Props. This includes our custom temperature model, realistic engine management, prop feathering and failures for an immersive flight experience.
  • Detailed custom systems modelling, including fuel, electrical, oxygen and starter systems powered by over 9000 lines of code!
  • Modern Radio & Transponder integration, as well as an optional in-cockpit Garmin 430 GPS
  • Optional drop-tanks for extended range flights
  • Unique features such as Particle FX, canopy blowouts and blackouts!
  • Plus much more!

I was impressed with FlyingIron’s Spitfire LF.IXc and I suspect that their P-38L will be at least as good. Check out their webstore for release over the next few hours!


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    Tomorrow’s the day I’ll have my first chance to try this in MFS 🙂

    Modern radios and a GPS mean it’ll be usable for just about any trip (kudos to FIS for including these modern “necessities”!)

    300mph @ 40,000 for 3000mi?

    I’m a happy man!

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