Desert Wings – Tobruk: Update 5.027 brings new ‘Their Finest Hour’ campaign

Fans of IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs Of Dover and Desert Wings – Tobruk will definitely want to check out update 5.027 as it features the title’s newest free single player campaign called ‘Their Finest Hour’ which looks to be a historical and action packed experience. Here’s what’s in the latest patch.

Change log

The standout feature for this patch is Their Finest Hour with ten missions all historically researched and based on the exploits of No 610 squadron. The campaign will put you in Spitfire’s fighting in the south of England against the brunt of the Luftwaffe offensive.

I did a Community Q&A with the author of the campaign, Bryn Watkins, who gave some fantastic answers on the work that he had done to make the campaign a reality.

Meanwhile, the changelog here details some of the other features and bug fixes that are in.

  • New free campaign “Their Finest Hour” added to Blitz.
  • Improved far target visibility for screen resolutions of 2560×1440, 4k, and beyond
  • Fixed: Shaking aircraft ForceFeedback effects resulting from firing cannons are not added on top of cannon’s own ForceFeedback effects anymore.
  • New option to toggle all ingame info windows on/off (Options, Control, Chat)
  • A barrage balloon at Dover that caused crashes has been removed from the single missions A Busy Morning, Attack of the Eagles, Attack of the Kiwi, August Attrition, Corpo Aereo Italiano, and The Kanalkampf.
  • Fixed: Mirror does not retain already subsided vibration/shake (when Difficulty “Head Shake” is disabled) anymore.

Check out the full patch notes and conversation here.


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