VIRPIL hosting a DCS Helicopter Racing server

DCS has really leaned into helicopter flying this year and hardware makers VIRPIL have seen which way the wind has been blowing and have been busy releasing helicopter oriented hardware to match. To raise the profile of helicopter flying (and their hardware) even more, VIRPIL is now hosting a competition server for helicopter pilots. Here’s what we know!

Beat the time trial!

VIRPIL’s new “VPC Helicopter Race Servers” (one for public beta and one for release) are intended to be a competition for virtual helicopter pilots to test their skills against other helicopter pilots.

We hope that the flying skills attained through these trials will help you not only in combat missions, but also in prize-winning sports competitions, which we also plan to organize in the near future!


There’s was a discount of 10% on all VIRPIL Controls Helicopter control devices (I’m late reporting this news) but I suspect it will be the competition which will lengthen the interest and life in flying helicopters around their course for some time to come.

Here are some of the key features of the server:

  • All ammunition has been unloaded.
  • Filled with 15% fuel (10% Mi-8).
  • EVU removed (Mi-8, Mi-24, UH-1).
  • Armor and external suspensions were removed (Mi-8).
  • The doors and attachments were removed (Mi-8).
  • The service life of power plants has been increased to 100% (Mi-8, Mi-24, UH-1).

And, once you’ve completed the time trial you can check your results against others on the VPC website. Neat! If you like helicopters and you think you can fly them faster than anyone else, it may be worth trying out to see how you do! (Or… in my case, probably set records for the slowest!)

Check out the news release here.


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