Aerobask is doing a DA50 RG and I’m excited!

While most of the Aerobask team are working on finishing off their high fidelity Falcon 8X business jet project, one of their artists is on task with a new aircraft and Aerobask designer “Yoyoz” let it slip on the forums that they are indeed working on Diamond’s newest aircraft. Very cool!

Introducing the DA50RG

A real life Diamond DA50 RG (source Diamond Aircraft)

Receiving an EASA type certificate on September 9, 2020 the DA50 RG is Diamond’s newest aircraft and one that bears more than a superficial similarity to their twin engine DA62. Made of carbon composite, the lightweight DA50 RG uses a 300hp Continental CD-300 V6 powered with Jet-A fuel instead of the leaded AvGas that older types use. Diamond boasts that the aircraft has excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions as a result.

The type is just starting to be sold to customers so there’s a certain cache for a brand new GA aircraft and it looks like Aerobask’s team is on their way towards delivering us this new aircraft into X-Plane. A post by Yoyoz on the X-Plane.Org forums revealed the DA50 RG and an early work-in-progress mesh by their artist.

Aerobask has previously done the DA62, a related aircraft, however it appears that they will be aiming even higher when it comes to the visual design as their artist is going to be remaking a lot of what was already excellent on the DA62.

The plan was to re-use as much as possible but since @harranssor is continuously improving his skills it ends up being an almost full remodeling. I’m not even sure ‘almost’ is appropriate 😄.


Sounds great to me!

Still early

This project is a long way out. Most of the Aerobask team are busy with the Falcon 8X project and that is their chief area of focus right now. Updates continue to be provided by the group on this thread here.

Despite this early stage, I’m already excited by what Aerobask have done in the past and what they will be able to do with this high performing single engine GA aircraft. I’m likely never going to be able to own the real one but the virtual one will be a day-one buy for me!

Check out the real one

If your interest is piqued and you want to see more of the real life version, check it out here!

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  1. Fear says:

    Really hoping this will also come as a full fidelity aircraft for MSFS2020

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That’d be great!


  2. Redglyph says:

    The planes of the DA series are gorgeous! Funny to see a prop engine fed with jet fuel.

    Do you prefer flying civil aircraft in X-Plane or MSFS, from a model / physics feeling and accuracy point of view? Or does it depend more on the developer than the underlying sim platform? Intuitively I’d say X-Plane provides an excellent platform for the physics, but I don’t know anything about MSFS.

    It’s true that A2A is making very good stuff for FSX/P3D even if the platform is allegedly less accurate than X-Plane. But in order to do that, they had to reinvent the physical layer and not everybody is willing to go that far.


    1. Urgent Siesta says:

      Depends mostly on the dev (far more so for MFS20 than XP, but it still matters for XP, too).

      As a long time XPlane & DCS fanboy, right now, the only light planes I truly enjoy flying in MFS20 are MilViz and Flying Iron Simulations. The (free) Working Title upgrade mod for the Citation CJ4 isn’t quite as good, but is close.
      I haven’t yet tried the Carenados (based on their “performance” in FSX & XP), but they’re actually getting good flight model reviews in MFS20!

      As you’ve alluded, A2A Sims deliver The Best light GA flying experience across all sims, but sadly, their AccuSim has hit a wall for MFS20…

      MFS20 already delivers a generally far better flight model than FSX/P3D, but it’s still just not up to the level of X-Plane. As ever, we’ll have to continue to be highly selective with purchases for MFS20 if we’re searching for excellent flight modeling.

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  3. Danny says:

    March 15th 2022 according to Getting it on day one!


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Oh good! I was wondering when the Org Store entry was going to appear.


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