MSFS Sim Update 6 imminent plus Carenado sale

This past Thursday’s Flight Simulator developer update comes with a reminder that the new Sim Update 6 is on its way and is coming next week. Let’s talk about that and how you can prepare for it. Plus, a Carenado Marketplace sale has been announced as well – the first of its kind in the new Marketplace.

Update 6 on its way

To say that Sim Updates have been a bump process with plenty of turbulence would be an understatement. A lot of people have had issues with the big updates and we’ve got another one on the way so brace yourselves.

Remember to backup and clear your Community folder during the patch process. I also strongly recommend that everyone get the new Xbox App (if you haven’t already done so) and use that to do that initial client patch before starting up the sim and doing the internal patching process.

As challenging as updates have been, a huge list of community fixes are in as well and MSFS have detailed them with links to individual community posts on the forum and word that all of these issues have been fixed.

NOTE: The links have now all broken and are broken from the source article. Will update if new information becomes available.

I am for one hoping that some of the CTD issues have been solved as that has seriously curtailed my MSFS flying time since Sim Update 5.

Asobo will be hosting their regular Live Dev Q&A stream on Twitch on October 20th at 1750Z (10:30 am PT).

Carenado Marketplace Sale

Aircraft maker Carenado has released several aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator including the M20R Ovation, PA44 Seminole and WYMF5 which I’ve flown, reviewed and recommended as well as the C170B, CT182T Skylane, PA28R Arrow III and PA34T Seneca V.

Starting on Thursday and going until the 23rd (10 days), these aircraft will be available in the in-game Marketplace for 30% off their regular price.

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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    Fingers crossed that the xbox pain is behind us!

    I’ve been pretty lucky with the updates other than one time I neglected to *completely* disable antivirus and was rewarded with an un-launchable update.

    In the end, I just went back to DCS until I felt like spending the time on a re-install 😉

    Haven’t gotten any Carenado for MFS yet – holding out for the SkyMaster. Based on the many good reviews of their MFS20 addons from respected peeps, I’ll be happy to spend MSRP on that one.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Firdimigdi says:

    One issue that I keep encountering is the overexposure and occasional undersaturation of colours, especially in VR; for example I cannot seem to get the sky to render in a believable blue color as I can in other sims. Which after a while feels very tiring.

    I tried the usual community tips about disabling eye adaptation and color grading but get mixed results. For sure it’s better (IMO) with eye adaptation off as it feels more natural and less like trying to emulate a camera. But still the color issues remain – it sort of feels like a gamma slider (or maybe exposing some color options to the player [as all displays are not the same]) would come in handy; both in DCS and IL2 most such issues are resolved by adjusting gamma.


  3. Chris says:

    I had CTD often with MFS2020. After downclocking my memory to 2133 mhz the problem seems to be gone.


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