MSFS Sim Update 6 is here plus Reno Air Race trailer, new GOTY free aircraft, DX12 more!

Microsoft and Asobo Studios have come out swinging today with a whole bunch of announcements as well as the release of Sim Update 6. The announcements today include news and a new absolutely brilliant trailer of the Reno Air Race pack releasing in a month, announcement of a new Game of the Year edition which will pack some new airports and 5 new aircraft which will be coming free to everyone and then there’s the DirectX12 upgrade which is coming soon too. There’s a lot so let’s check it out!

Sim Update 6

The latest update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Sim Update 6, is out. This bug fix and feature focused update has a mammoth list of fixes and improvements to the sim. The full release notes are posted here and is well worth a skim just to see the scope of the changes.

Reno Air Races full collection

Ok, let’s talk about this new trailer from Microsoft and Asobo featuring the ‘Reno Air Races’ package that is coming in November. The trailer is called the “Full Collection trailer” and I wasn’t prepared for what they are actually planning to do. I fully expected a couple of aircraft with some liveries but instead what Asobo are doing is offering us a P-51 Mustang, a L-39, a T-6 Texan (or Harvard for those of us in the Commonwealth), and a Pits Special S-1.

Sounds pretty good yeah?

Each aircraft appears to be coming with ten liveries each and they go beyond just a livery because each aircraft has its own individual detailing and its own cockpit configuration. Some of them are very different! And, among the P-51’s on offer there’s a specialized racer version with the cut down bubble, some more standard looking P-51D’s and a P-51A. The other aircraft appear to have quite a bit of variation and variety too but I can’t help but get excited about warbird racers.

Check out the trailer for yourself! The pack is coming on November 18th and will be on sale for $19.99.

Game of the Year Edition

Most of the time, Game of the Year Editions are a warmed over repackaged version of the game that we already have. Game of the Year for Microsoft Flight Simulator intends to package some new content in it and for those who have already purchased the sim – its all coming free.

So what are they planning? Five new aircraft for a start. The F/A-18E Super Hornet, Pilatus PC-6 Porter, the Cub Crafters NX Cub, the Aviat Pitts Special S1S and the very unique VoloCity eVTOL (watch the Partner Video from a few months ago here). Of the bunch I think the tricycle landing gear NX Cub should be interesting, the Pilatus PC-6 is going to offer a really unique bushplane and the F/A-18E Super Hornet will let MSFS fans experience the thrill of flying a high performance jet. Some… for the first time in a flight simulator (then we’ll talk about getting folks into flying the DCS: F/A-18C).

In addition to aircraft, we’re getting a bunch of new handcrafted airports too.

  • Germany
    • Leipzig/Halle Airport (EDDP)
    • Allgäu Airport Memmingen (EDJA)
    • Kassel Airport (EDVK)
  • Switzerland
    • Lugano Airport (LSZA)
    • Zurich Airport (LSZH)
    • Luzern-Beromunster Airport (LSZO)
  • United States
    • Patrick Space Force Base (KCOF)
    • Marine Corps Air Station Miramar (KNKX)

Watch the trailer and check out the official Flight Simulator Game of the Year Announcement here.

DX12 support is also expected to come to the sim around that time unlocking new potential for graphics and performance.

Windows 11 landmarks collaboration

Between now and November 18, over a dozen landmarks worldwide in Microsoft Flight Simulator will be lit up in blue as part of a cross marketing celebration of Microsoft’s launch of Windows 11. Is a themed scenery pack so you’ll have to download it from the marketplace to get it – otherwise everything will be normal as per usual. Also included is a free livery for the Extra 330LT.

Check out the release notes here and the Game of the Year and Reno Air Races announcement here.


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