Our first DCS: AH-64D introduction video

We’ve progressed from teaser clips to full out videos as we have our first in a series of videos coming from Eagle Dynamics’ Matt Wagner. The first video is an introduction top the helicopter and a look around the cockpit.

AH-64D gets an introduction

If you’ve been waiting for this helicopter, this video is a surefire indication that the wait is nearly over. Matt Wagner’s overview and introduction talks briefly about systems, functions, and features of the AH-64’s airframe and avionics. He also confirms or reaffirms that this is a 2005-2010 era mid-block II version of the AH-64D and that the helicopter will sport era appropriate liveries as well.

The video includes a look around the AH-64’s cockpit from both pilot and gunner positions.

Check out the introduction and stay tuned for follow-up versions


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Very cool video. I sense a steep learning curve on the horizon. Looks rewarding though. Like when you actually figure out how to do something in the A-10.

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  2. colin coulter says:

    And now my TM MFD’s are obsolete with only 5 buttons per side 😑.

    Looks awesome. Still not sure re: the blurred monocle overlay. Hope that’s optional.


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