ToLiss releases their A340-600 for X-Plane 11

It’s been a good year for airliner fans and another high profile and highly anticipated jet has just become available. X-Plane aircraft maker ToLiss Simulation Solutions has just released their A340-600 with a long list of features. Let’s check it out!

The four engine Airbus

The large four engine Airbus A340 is not as popular or well known as such staples as the A320 or the super jumbo A380. The A340 was developed from the original A300 and developed alongside the twin engine A330 and it shares a lot of the same system configuration from other airbus aircraft. I watched a preview live stream with a pilot familiar with the A320 and they seemed to have no problem working with the few unique features of the A340.

ToLiss has aquired a license from Airbus to produce this aircraft and are offering it with a huge list of features. Full FMGS functionality is advertised with three independent MCDUs, 2 independent autopilots, SID/STAR support, and support for all approach types of the A340, an accurate fly-by-wire system, hydraulic model, an ECAM system with over 30 warnings and 200 caution messages, in-screen pop-ups, state saving (so you can go back to a critical point in your flight), and Skunkcraft Auto Updater support.

It’s a long list of features and as a result ToLiss are charging a premium price for the product. At $89.99 USD on the X-Plane.Org Store. It’s raised a few eyebrows but it’s not too far off from the pricing of some other high profile airliner simulations. If you’re interested, the ToLiss A340-600 is available to buy today.

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