News round-up: DCS: F-15E cockpit images, FlyJSim Q400 release, X-Plane clouds, and more

It’s another busy week in the world of flight sim news and it’s time for an round-up of some of the significant news items that are happening around the community. Let’s have a look!

Aerges F1 showcase

The folks at Aerges were a key part of the Mineralnye Vody Invitational Airshow – a virtual event organized by the DCS World community. They were there to show off the Mirage F1 that they are currently working on. A video has now been cut from just the interview portion so that you can see everything that was shown off at the show.

There’s a Q&A which kicks off in the first few minutes as we near about the work that Aerges is doing to make the F1 a reality for DCS World sim pilots. They talk about the four variants planned, about their expertise with C++ and aeronautics, and about their connections with the all important subject matter experts who used to fly or maintain the F1.

RAZBAM updates: F-15E, Pucara, Leander-class

A few new updates from RAZBAM this week. First, the F-15E pilot and WSO right console was the focus of attention as both are looking complete with detailed textures. The F-15E does appear to be a further step forward for RAZBAM’s texture and model team and the visuals on display are definitely impressive in both positions.

Next up, a look at the latest work being done on the Pucara. This light attack aircraft was popular in Argentina and a few other countries in primarily South America. RAZBAM’s exact plans for the aircraft are unknown but the aircraft will likely add to the DCS: South Atlantic project that they have been working on for several years now.

The latest imagery shows the damage model and detailed images of the 3D model. Progress appears to be good.

Finally, what appears to be a nearly finished Leander-class Frigate. This is expected to be part of the DCS: South Atlantic asset pack.

X-Plane clouds

Transitioning away from the “billboards” style cloud system to something more modern is big on the wishlist of X-Plane virtual pilots. X-Plane 11 already has some options for more sophisticated cloud options but Laminar is busy baking in the new technologies right into the sim. It’s going to be a big step forward and this week we saw imagery of the new clouds.

We also get to see the new ALIA-250c which is an electric VTOL that X-Plane is bringing into their sim.

FlyJSim release Q400

Another day and another airliner releases for X-Plane 11 it feels like. The latest is FlyJSim’s long awaited Dash 8 Q400. Various streamers and YouTubers have been flying it this week as part of the ramp up to release and now it’s available for everyone to buy and fly for $79.95 from the X-Plane.Org store.

HotStart Challenger jet video

A new video is out from the folks at HotStart who are busy putting together their next big project after the outstanding TBM 850 release for X-Plane 11. The Challenger CL650 is expected to be another highly detailed, high quality business jet release for X-Plane in what was previously an underserved market and that is now becoming crowded with plenty of exciting new releases.

Check out the details here!

SimWorks Studios announces RV-10 for MSFS

The folks at SimWorks Studios report that their Kodiak 100 for MSFS is nearly complete and that they are planning on releasing another aircraft into the sim this November. The aircraft is the Vans RV-10 and RV-10A. Here’s what they had to say:

The add-on is being developed in close collaboration with Van’s Aircraft and will feature both the RV-14 and RV-14A. The interior will be equipped with the G3X Touch, GTN750, GMC305 Autopilot and the ESI500. Sounds have been recorded from the real aircraft and we expect to have her flying in MSFS in November.

Learn more on their Facebook page!

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  1. CanadaOne says:

    The F-15E and the Pucara would be hard to resist. Really looking forward to the South Atlantic map and modules.

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