Orbx Balearic islands and Aerobasks Lancair Legacy RG new in the Stormbirds hangar

While I continue to troubleshoot the other civilian flight sim in my collection, I’ve been putting some more time and resources into my X-Plane 11 collection and having some fun with it. I’ve added some new aircraft, scenery and technology to the sim and it’s making a big difference in keeping X-Plane 11 alive while I wait for 12.

Waiting for X-Plane 12

X-Plane 12 is on its way and I would guess that we’ll see a release sometime by the middle part of next year. In the meantime, my confidence in the platform is at least somewhat restored now that we know what the plans are for X-Plane 12 and we’re hearing positive comments from developers about supporting their products into the next generation.

Indeed, a lot of excellent X-Plane 11 content has just come out in the last year or two and nearly all of it will likely benefit from the newer technologies in 12. Meanwhile, I’m having fun with some new content for X-Plane 11 and it is helping to address some of my longstanding issues.

Enhanced Skyscapes

I tried a freeware volumetric cloud plugin called Enhanced Cloudscapes last year and … I didn’t like it. It was buggy, slow, and it really didn’t look much better than the billboard style clouds that X-Plane 11 offers out of the box. Infact, I’ve tried multiple cloud technologies over the years and not really liked any of them.

I need more time with it but Enhanced Skyscapes might be the exception to my general issues with X-Plane 11’s positively antique cloud technology. These volumetric clouds are based on the Enhanced Cloudscapes freeware product but have several more months (or more) of development poured into them and while X-Plane 11’s lighting system does let them down sometimes… they are pretty good.

I used them during my Phenom 300 flight as part of the Orbx / Vatsim Cross the Pond challenge so I’ve already given them a good workout.

Review to come soon!

Aerobask Lancair Legacy RG

This aircraft wasn’t on my radar and then someone posted some screenshots of it in the X-Plane 11 Facebook group. Then I looked it up and Q8pilot gave it a 10/10 in his review of the aircraft. Finally, it’s an Aerobask product which I am generally a huge fan of and a fairly recent one at that with a release back in June of 2020.

So, I’m flying around this little rocketship of an experimental aircraft and having some fun doing that. Full review coming on this aircraft too!

More time in the Torquesim BN-2

I also reported that I purchased Torquesim’s BN-2 Islander. It was on sale and this aircraft has long been on my wishlist. Torquesim have committed to bringing the aircraft up to X-Plane 12 so I jumped in and this aircraft is extremely interesting to fly.

Again, a full review is on its way after I’ve spent some more time flying this aircraft around.

Orbx Balearic islands

I’ve been feeling the travel bug recently and while traveling is still a bit of a problematic thing these days, I’m sure my travel desires will be met again soon. Meanwhile I’m checking out the Spanish Balearic islands. Steeped in Mediterranean history, these popular vacation getaways seem like a fun place to fly around in various aircraft and in helicopters.

These islands will also likely pair very nicely with the new Southern Spain Orbx TrueEarth scenery pack coming soon. Also, I’ve flown around TrueEarth Washington a lot and it was time to go somewhere different.

Once again, a review is due on these soon. In the meantime, enjoy my first flight around the islands with the Lancair Legacy RG and featuring Enhanced Skyscapes.


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  1. Franz says:

    I have the lancair also and enjoy it a lot. Great with the RSG GTN750. Very nice small aircraft, not complicate, everything works.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Franz says:

    Sorry rxp gtn.

    Liked by 1 person

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