MSFS Feature Discovery focuses on Reno Air Races

We’ve got our first new Feature Discovery video from the Asobo team in quite some time and the subject matter is fitting as the team is on the cusp of unleashing the first big content update for Microsoft Flight Simulator since it released. The Reno Air Races is part of a bigger update coming tomorrow that will also include new aircraft like the F/A-18E Super Hornet and PC-6.

Feature discovery time for Reno Air Races

The new episode in the series is all about Reno Air Races, an expansion pack for MSFS coming in two editions including a cheaper option that includes one of each aircraft in the class as well as a premium version featuring 10 aircraft in each class. The differences between each are more than skin deep as they have unique geometry, skins, cockpits, instruments and performance attributes.

The feature discovery talks about some of the new features incorporated into the add-on. Ground effect from aircraft will now include dust effects on the ground, pilots will now have a G model with blackouts and redouts and G-lock. There are also new exhaust effects added to aircraft starting up. In short, Asobo has been busy adding a lot of features to their sim. It’s a little unclear as to how many are going to move over into the rest of MSFS but I would bet that they will have at least some effect there opening the door for both default and third party aircraft.

They also talk quite a bit about the ranking system which will add and subtract points. It seems to be aimed at starting all pilots on a relatively even footing enabling more accomplished pilots to meet their matches and new racers will be gradually placed into competition with similarly skilled pilots until they can rank up. Seems like a good system and we’ll see how it works in practice.

Check out the video to see for yourself!

It’s also worth checking out their article on Reno Air Races: Meet The Planes which talks a lot about the real life Reno Air Races.


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