FlyByWire plan to add Synaptic Simulations freeware A220 to their installer

Freeware aircraft developer FlyByWire who are best known for their work in making a more detailed Airbus A320neo for Microsoft Flight Simulator are planning to adding another freeware developer to their installer in the form of Synaptic Simulation’s freeware Airbus 220 (or A22X).

Freeware A220 on the way

Not every payware aircraft is great and not every freeware aircraft is bad and developers like FlyByWire have proven that they can take the default Airbus A320neo and begin to turn it into something that is approaching a study level airliner. Give them another year and I’m sure it will be one of the best A320’s out there and now they are adding another developer to their installer. To me that sounds like a vote of confidence and when I took a look at the work that Synaptic Simulations is doing on an A220, I got excited.

An early look at their systems development back in the late summer shows you the kind of effort that is already in place for this aircraft.

According to the tweet, Synaptic will be hosting a live stream update about their latest work on the project on November 27th.

Learn more about the project on Synaptic Simulation’s website here. And join their Discord here for more information.

The A220

The A220 is a smaller aircraft with seating between 133 and 160 depending on if its the -100 or -300 of the type. The A220 started life being called the C-series and was developed by Bombardier in Canada (another plus in my book!). Trade challenges that erupted into an international dispute a couple of years ago allowed Airbus to strike a deal and build the new airliner as their own.

The narrowbody airliner is one that I’m hopeful I’ll be able to take a trip on at some point as the aircraft has become increasingly popular on routes worldwide. I for one hope that someone does the brilliant Trans-Canada Air Lines retro livery for the A220 when its released.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    I just did 6000 kilometers in an A220. Nice plane as long as you don’t get the middle seat on the right side. I had an empty seat beside me both ways, great stuff. Cruised at 36,000′, higher than I thought we would go. It’s a fancy plane.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Oh nice! It’s a really nice looking aircraft just in the shape of the nose and the way the fuselage and wings blend together. I was worried that it would never see the light of day but now that they are out there everywhere it’s really nice to see!


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