Flight sim news round-up for December 4th

There’s always a bunch of things happening around the flight sim community that I don’t get to report on during the week and here’s a round-up of some of the ones that captured my attention. This week we have moving weather fronts for DCS World, snow for X-Plane 12, a software manager for iniSimulations aircraft and scenery, an interview of The Brew Barons dev team, and a early access date for Tiny Combat Arena. Plus more! And go!

Eagle Dynamics teases moving weather fronts

The new clouds in DCS World was just phase one of a bigger set of changes that Eagle Dynamics are intending to make to the weather simulation. Last week, Eagle Dynamics teased the next phase which involves moving weather fronts. Clearly this image shows that technology in motion!

X-Plane 12 gets snow

It’s one of the first images that we’ve seen of X-Plane 12’s scenery and it is focused mostly on what snow will look like in the new sim. The two images appear to show different levels of snow accumulation with the second image clearly showing what the scenery looks like when you have more snow. This is in addition to the images of different seasons that we’ve seen previously.

Thrustmaster sells their own hardware

Starting now, Thrustmaster has opened their own Eshop in the USA. This is, according to the press release and tweet, the first time that Thrustmaster has sold their own hardware directly. Given how challenging the last few years have been for retailers and sellers, taking direct control over at least one of the ways to get Thrustmaster gear should hopefully make a big difference in the company offering the latest gear.

Skyward interviews The Brew Barons dev team

Indie flight sim developer Lifetap Studios is working on a unique flight sim experience where you’ll operate a business delivering bootlegged beer brews. It’s an entry on the lighter side of the flight sim industry and it combines business management, beer brewing, and flying together in a wild mix. Check out their interview!

MicroProse announces Tiny Combat early access

I’ve been watching the almost daily updates from @Why485 as the indie developer puts together an AV-8B air combat simulator. Drawing inspiration from the sims of the mid-90s, this solo effort is going to be published by MicroProse next year with an early access period beginning in February!

Just Flight preparing 146 Professional update

New screenshots and news that Just Flight are about to drop a big update on their BAe 146 recreation for Microsoft Flight Simulator came out yesterday. The screenshots look impressive while we await a more detailed update of the work that they are doing to bring this to life. Stay tuned for that!

iniSimulations have their own launcher now

The A300 and A310 on the line series of Airbus aircraft by iniSimulations as well as their scenery creation for X-Plane 11 can now all be found in one manager. The aptly named iniManager appears to be an all in one manager of their aircraft. Check it out!


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  1. Gasman says:

    thanks for the updates! I had no idea about the DCS weather fronts… awesome stuff!

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  2. CanadaOne says:

    You are the man with the news. 🙂

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