RAZBAM shows off F-15E exterior, pilot model and MiG-23 update

A bunch of small and mostly visual updates coming out of RAZBAM over the last couple of days with the full exterior of the F-15E Strike Eagle coming out today plus some updated images of the “exterior” pilot for the F-15E and the landing gear for the rarely mentioned MiG-23. Let’s have a look!

Strike Eagle love!

F-15E Strike Eagle fans are going to love this update. We have our first look at what appears to be a close (or closer) to finished exterior of the RAZBAM F-15E Strike Eagle. The model and texture work appear to be coming together nicely and there’s plenty of detail on hand with this aircraft.

Also coming out in the last few days is what RAZBAM calls the “exterior” pilot model for the F-15E. Although not confirmed, this would presumably be the pilot model on display in the cockpit when you look at the jet from the exterior. Modeled based on the gear that pilots would have worn during the early 2000s, a few have pointed out that current Strike Eagle pilots have a different set of gear. However, RAZBAM have been clear that they aren’t doing a recent jet but rather one set early in the 2000s. We’ll know more as the project comes in the full focus.

MiG-23MLA landing gear

We’ve not hear about the MiG-23MLA in some time. Infact, the last time we did was back in early June of this year with an external model update. Now we’re looking at something different with the landing gear on display and sporting some textures for the first time. This may indicate that the individual or small team working on the MiG-23 has finished the modeling process and are beginning to texture the jet.

Although exciting to see, I would caution against too much hype for either aircraft. There’s a lot that needs to happen with both before we’ll see them offered for sale and flyable in DCS World. Still, progress is progress and its good to see both coming along!


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Looking forward to both these planes. Wasn’t too hot and heavy for the Mig-23 at first, but I’m pretty interested now. But the amount of time it takes to make these things seems ridiculous. It’s like putting together a sim plane requires the same time frame as filming a $200 million blockbuster movie.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Progress is definitely slow here but hopefully we’ll see both before too long!


    2. 1_Robert_ says:

      Agreed but it’s a good reminder that we are a niche market. After flight simming for over 35 years, I’m always thankful that there are a few developers still in the game. This must be a tough business where every penny counts, and many devs have fallen to the wayside over the years.
      BTW, the Echo model here is looking good, hopefully getting close.

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