Video details Tactical Situation Display for DCS: AH-64D

We’ve got a new instructional video from Eagle Dynamics Matt Wagner as he takes us step by step through the TSD or ccc for the DCS: AH-64D.

Detailed functionality

This latest video showcases the kind of detail that Eagle Dynamics puts into their modules and the AH-64D looks to be every bit as deep and complicated as some of the modules that have come before it. Although Matt Wagner calls this a look at the basic functions, this is a seriously in-depth video that shows you how many of the functions work with notes on a few that they will be coming back to in later updates.

So, put on your study hat/glasses and get ready to dig into the details of the TSD.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    This is why I passed on the Apache. It looks first rate but there no way I can pull off an A-10CII level of complexity and fly a chopper at the same time. But for those who can this thing is going to be a dream.

    I want my Blackshark3.

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    1. Urgent Siesta says:

      Wags has commented that Apache is so automated that it will be one of the easiest helos (by far) to fly.

      I’m a BIG fan of Black Shark, only disappointment there is the utter lack of low-light/thermal targeting – which, of course is why, “We Own The Night” with Apache.

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