Aeroplane Heaven bringing F3F to MSFS for Christmas

Out for Christmas! That’s the word from Aeroplane Heaven on their latest Microsoft Flight Simulator release. This time it’s the Grumman F3F-2 biplane fighter. They have released information about the aircraft and their plans for it in a recent update. Let’s have a look!

The barrel biplane

Aeroplane heaven are going back into their development history a bit here with the F3F-2. It was an aircraft that they modeled in 2002 for FS2002 and was apparently one of their best selling aircraft. The F3F of course was a Grumman made biplane fighter, the predecessor to the F4F Wildcat, and one of the last biplane fighters in US military history. This US Navy fighter was carrier capable complete with a arrestor hook. Aeroplane Heaven report that they will add the hook when carriers become formally part of the sim.

Two versions of the aircraft will be offered with standard F3F-2 and a special “Gulfhawk” racer version built for racing pilot Al WIlliams. 6 authentic US Navy and Marines liveries will be included in the package.

Aeroplane heaven also tout their digitally mastered WWise soundtrack for the 950 hp Wright R-1820-22 “Cyclone” 9-cylinder radial engine. The developer has struggled a bit with getting their auto levels dialed in with some of their other releases so hopefully this one gets it just right on release.

Check out these screenshots below and then visit the Aeroplane Heaven Facebook page for further updates.


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