AirfoilLabs release the most detailed C172 ever for X-Plane 11?

It’s probably not hyperbole to say that the AirfoilLabs might be offering the most detailed “study level” flight simulation of a Cessna 172 ever released in a commercial flight sim. AirfoilLabs is a development studio that is well known for their superb King Air 350 and they have been busy making a Cessna 172 as an encore. Let’s have a look at the C172 NG DIGITAL.

Above and beyond?

AirfoilLabs has gone above and beyond if the feature list is anything to go by. Yes it has the usual detailed 3D model, multiple liveries, 4K PBR textures, FMOD sounds, and a modified G1000 (based on the X1000 X-Plane setup) avionics suit but it also has a fully modeled electrical system, detailed engine modeling (with fuel, oil, EGT, pressure, features) along with detailed visualizations of the engine, maintenance and equipment wear and failure simulations, right down to a remote control for their own custom hangar at KAWO (Arlington Municipal) which AirfoilLabs sells as a separate scenery package.

It’s an impressive feature list to be sure. It also commands a higher price coming in at $49.95 USD on the X-Plane.Org Store. And yes, before you ask, X-Plane 12 support is also planned.


If you really want to get in-depth with the features of this new Airfoil labs product, look no further than Q8Pilot who has done a live stream with first look and review of the new aircraft. He goes into nearly every feature and really shows off what this plane is about.


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