Flight sim news round-up for December 18

Throughout this week there have been news announcements that I haven’t gotten to just yet. With that in mind, here’s a round-up of everything going on around the community.

DCS Sonic Boom short

A new sonic boom sound effect and new rainbow effect are on display in this new DCS World short video.

X-Rotors AW109 1.03 release

X-Rotors has just released their AW109 for X-Plane 11. This helicopter had a bit of a bumpy launch but problems have been sorted out with a rapid series of updates and X-Rotors looks set to deliver on further updates should they be necessary.

Flying Iron Simulations Spitfire Update

Some big updates for Flying Iron Simulations Spitfire IX for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Moment of inertia calculations and an entirely returned flight model are among a list of feature updates. The aircraft’s Merlin engine now belches fire on start-up too which is a nice touch. Full list of updates here.

AuthentiKit P-40B throttle images

The folks at AuthentiKit are showing off a custom painted P-40B throttle. This using the AuthentiKit P-40 throttle quadrant 3D printed part. Check out the tweet above for some impressive images.

xAmbience Pro trailer

Long in development xAmbience Pro is allegedly near release as the developer releases a final trailer showing off the plugin’s features for X-Plane. xAmbience is meant to change the whole look of the sim and add a variety of features to weather effects.

X-Plane `12 systems preview

Systems Engineer Philipp Ringler shows off some new features for X-Plane 12’s systems ranging from anti-icing, load stations, hydraulics, dual controls, FADEC, and even TACAN.

Red Star Simulations

The folks at Red Star Simulations are working to bring a MiG-17 to life as a payware DCS World module. But they need some help translating some Russian documentation on the jet to move forward. Here’s what they had to say:

Red Star Simulations is looking for another translator that can help us with translating Russian documents. You should be fluent in the Russian language (with good understanding of technical terms) and possess good English skills. If you are interested, send us a message!

Check out Red Star Simulations on Facebook for more.


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