A Miltech-5 update on the Bo-105

The developer at Miltech-5 has been quietly providing updates through the past year on the Bo-105 intended for future inclusion into DCS World in partnership with RAZBAM. A series of updates through December has brought the project further into view and so here’s a quick update.

Recent updates

Miltech-5 is a one person artist operation that has, for a long time now, been working on a DCS World passion project. The goal is to bring the Bo-105 light attack helicopter to DCS. The German Army has, from the late 1970s until 2006, operated a specialist anti-tank version of the helicopter with six HOT missiles mounted on carriers on the aircraft.

Although the project looked promising, challenges with securing a programmer eventually lead to the project regrouping and partnering with RAZBAM. In a post on December 23rd on the Miltech-5 Facebook, we saw a very brief update of what they are working on:

DCS: BO-105

  • HGHPOLY for Baking has been completed
  • Coding Started on Systems (RAZBAM)
  • FM coding started (RAZBAM)

Miltech-5 is also doing visual work with Airbus Helicopters and on the IRIS-T missile for the TrueGrit DCS: Eurofighter Typhoon.

As always, we want to know when they might arrive and I think the release date for such a module is still some ways off. Still, it is a passion project with coder support from RAZBAM so I think at some point this module will emerge into early access. Until then, appreciate the fine attention to visual details and we’ll see how this project progresses this yet and beyond.


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