Aerosoft’s Twin Otter has a release date

It took a little while longer than I think many of us anticipated but Aerosoft have now finally given a release date for their long awaited Twin Otter for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Let’s have a look!

Mark January 19th on your calendars

In a post on the Aerosoft Forum, Aerosoft developer Mathijs Kok let us know that there is now a release date for the aircraft and that it is coming on January 19th. Here’s what he said:

Release is set for Jan 19th at €29.95 (plus VAT when applicable). 

Mathijs Kok

That price point translates roughly to $34 USD in today’s dollars and I expect that’s the pricing that we’ll see on multiple storefronts when it arrives.

The aircraft’s full list of avionics has also been released in a follow-up post. Here’s the list:

  • Garmin 530 all-in-one GPS/Nav/Comm solution
  • Garmin 430 all-in-one GPS/Nav/Comm solution
  • Bendix/King KR-87 ADF Receiver
  • Bendix/King KT-76C Transponder
  • Bendix/King KAP140 Autopilot
  • Intercontinental Altitude Alerter
  • Collins 913K Autopilot Controller (used as repeater for the KAP140)
  • Bendix/King KMA Audio Selector
  • Collins FD-112V Flight Director

Finally, when responding to answers about the manual and if it would be available prior to release, it seems that Aerosoft don’t want to release it ahead of schedule because the manual actually is part of some value added features for the product.

No, sorry. The manual for this one a bit special as it is based on a book we bought the rights for. It is not just a text you need to use the product, but really part of the product. It contains stories, a lot of background information and three complete flights. If all goes well it will even include interviews with pilots. So it is only available for customers.

Mathijs Kok

Also released over the last few hours have been a few new screenshots from the testers. Let’s have a look!


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