VATSM Cross the Land 2022 date and airports announced

Looking for a long haul challenge? VATSIM’s Cross the Land challenge is coming up this February with a new list of departure and arrival destinations. Let’s have a look!

Middle East to Europe

On February 12th, VATSIM is going to do a Cross the Land challenge taking us from the Middle East to Europe on some longer haul routes. Members have voted and we have learned that the departure and arrival airports will be as follows:


  • Dubai International (OMDB)
  • Queen Alia International (OJAI)
  • Kuwait International (OKBK)
  • King Abdulaziz International (OEJN)
  • Sharm El Sheikh International (HESH)


  • Flughafen Franz Josef Strauß (EDDM)
  • Vienna International (LOWW)
  • Brussels-National (EBBR)
  • Geneva Airport (LSGG)
  • Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport (LEMG)
  • Riga International (EVRA)

Although I’m not quite ready to hook myself up to VATSIM, I do like the structure that these events offer and I might be taking the challenge on if I can get myself organized between now and then. I had a lot of fun doing the Cross the Pond Challenge so this might be a fun follow-up.


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