News round-up for January 22

All of the news and things going on around the flight sim community that I haven’t had a chance to write a full article on. Let’s have a look at everything that has been going on!

RAZBAM updates

Plenty of small updates from the RAZBAM team. First off we have a new image of the DCS: F-15E Strike Eagle. With the 3D model, underslung weapons, over wing vapour effects, and afterburner effects all on display. Continuing good signs towards this project coming together in 2022.

Then, a lesser known project appears to be taking shape, with the DCS: IA-58 Pucara. This ground attack aircraft was used during the Falkland War and its inclusion into DCS at some point seems to be helping to build up an eventual full slate of aircraft for that conflict.

It also looks like the artist working on the MiG-23MLA for RAZBAM is picking up the steam as we’re seeing more details coming together (or, as it is, pulled apart so we can see them in full detail).

Reflected provides Mosqutio campaign update

V for Victory, a DCS World campaign for the DCS: Mosquito and DCS: The Channel appears to be taking shape in this update from Reflected Simulations. Check out the video for the update.

Update 5.029 for Cliffs of Dover/Tobruk

A new patch is out for Cliffs of Dover/Desert Wings Tobruk. Update 5.029 is a relatively small update focused on bug fixing with about two dozen updates

Aeroplane Heaven release P-51D Mustang for MSFS

Aircraftmakers Aeroplane Heaven have released another warbird for MSFS. This time its the P-51D Mustang – an airplane that needs no introduction. This version has 16 authentic liveries, high quality textures and modeling inside and out and a Wwise soundpack that supposedly sounds like the real thing. This classic warbird is available for sale via various marketplaces including through the Aeroplane Heaven website.

New DCS: F-16C Chuck’s Guide is coming

If you’re like me and rely on Chuck’s Guides for their excellent how-to on a wide variety of DCS aircraft, you’ll be pleased to know that his updated DCS: F-16C guide is now on the way. It will come out on Mudspike coming up on January 25th.

DCS: J-10 rumour?

Speculation on r/hoggit suggests that an updated profile image for Deka Ironworks developer Uboats is of a DCS: J-10. To be clear, Deka Ironworks has been working on updates to their China Asset pack for years and a J-10 was featured as part of that asset pack at one point so this may be an AI development for the asset pack or it might be a possible future module.

Earlier rumours that they were looking into a Su-30MKK have been largely confirmed, however, the indications are that both the Su-30MKK and J-11B that the team were looking at don’t have enough public sources to continue. I will dig more into this in a future article.

In the meantime, check out the image and thread on r/hoggit for all of the rumours and conjecture that you can handle.

CL650 update on the way

A live stream by totoritko, one of the developers behind HotStart’s X-Plane 11 CL650 has done a lengthy live stream with a preview of Update 1. This aircraft has attracted lots of attention and some controversy thanks to its high price. But it is proving to be one of the most detailed business jets in the flight sim world. Check out the video here!

Metroliner freeware for X-Plane

For those looking for fun freeware options, Starvingpilot in the community has released a freeware Metroliner III turboprop airliner for X-Plane 11. As freeware projects go, this one looks good and seems to fill a niche that has attracted many to check it out. Its available for download over here!


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