Carenado updates their MSFS aircraft line-up

Popular and prolific MSFS aircraft maker Carenado has just updated their aircraft line-up in the sim with fixes and new features for their aircraft. Let’s have a look!

Across the board updates

Carenado has been busy not only releasing new aircraft but making sure their older types are staying up to date. Among the updates are a variety of miscellaneous fixes, start-up engine smoke effects, all lighting has been redone, and new methods of hiding/unhiding the Carenado tablet.

The updates affect the following aircraft:

  • CT182T Skylane
  • M20R Ovation
  • PA44 Seminole
  • WYMF5
  • C170B

Visit your content manager in MSFS to update to the latest version and take advantage of the new features.


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  1. Firdimigdi says:

    I’ve been eyeing that WYMF5 for some time now fancying a classic open-cockpit tail-dragger to putz around in. Kinda torn between that and A1R’s Ryan ST-A.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I wrote a review on the WYMF5 if you want to check that out. I think it’s a good airplane! A good, classy and classic bi-plane experience. It’s not an aerobatic type by any stretch of the imagination, just a classic cruiser.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Firdimigdi says:

        Yeah I have read your review, thanks – it’s partly what piqued my interest for it (feel free to quote me to Carenado if I end up getting it).

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