Chuck’s Guide for DCS: F-16C is here

If you’re like me and like having a Chuck’s Guide open while flying a lot of my DCS World aircraft collection this news should make you happy. Rejoice as Chuck has updated his F-16C guide to cover all of the changes and new features that Eagle Dynamics has added to the aircraft over the last several months.

Guide expands

WCMD, AGM-65s, JSOW, and the HTS are all systems that Eagle Dynamics has been busy adding to the jet over the last several months. The jet has greatly expanded in its capabilities as a result! And to keep up to date and stay current, I like to refresh my knowledge by looking over a Chuck’s Guide.

The good news is, his latest version for the F-16 is here and its a wopper. From updating us on this aforementioned systems to covering things like updated HUD symbology and procedures, this guide covers the F-16C in its current state within DCS World. Chuck reports that the guide has grown as a result and goes from about 540 pages to over 720 pages.

You can get the latest guide here. And, if you like his work, be sure to give Chuck a little support through his Patreon.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    Chuck’s Guides make for very good reading on the beach – but, dang are they getting HEAVY 😉

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  2. Osskozzot says:

    Without Chuck’s Guides there would be a whole lot less virtual pilots… Those guides are a must have if you want to understand what you are doing while flying!!

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  3. CanadaOne says:

    I often think I prefer video tutorials, and then I get back into Chuck’s Guides and I always see something that wasn’t on the video.

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