IL-2 Lunar New Year sale kicks off

The annual IL-2 Lunar New Year Sale is on and a huge collection of aircraft, campaigns and battle packs are on sale with discounts ranging from 30-70%. Let’s have a look!

New sale is on

The latest IL-2 Sturmovik series sale is on and this one is similar to what we’ve seen before with impressive discounts on titles such as Battle of Stalingrad which gets the usual 85% off discount (the best bang for your buck if you’re new to the series) and 75% off most titles, collector planes and campaigns in the series. Newer aircraft and releases have less of a discount but still see some good numbers.

The IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover series is also on sale with 35% and 25% off (webstore only) for the base Cliffs of Dover and Desert Wings – Tobruk respectively. And Rise of Flight gets a 75% off discount for everything there too.

Check everything out on the IL-2 webstore and on Steam.

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  1. Dutch_Bullet says:

    I was waiting for this sale, gifted my dad (who is a WW2 fan) my old pc and T16000M hotas and bought him Battle of Bodenplatte. Looking forward to learn him how to fly 🙂

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