Printable Spitfire Chassis Lever from AuthentiKit released

The folks at AuthentiKit, the DIY flight sim controls group, have just released the plans for their Spitfire Chassis Lever control. This will give you an authentic Spitfire landing gear controller. Here are some details

VR oriented DIY

For those of you who play in VR and want a control setup that feels authentic to the real aircraft, AuthentiKit may have what you’re looking for as their series of Spitfire released controls including the infamous Spade grip, throttle quadrant, and trim controls have been joined by this new control.

A short video shows the system in operation.

AuthentiKit is a freeware project so you can download and print the materials yourself. They do have a No Printer option where you can pay to have the components printed for you as well. Check out the details here.

And of course if you want to learn more about the gear lever itself, visit the announcement here.

Still not sure what AuthentiKit is all about? Check out my article on them!


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