Thranda announce Cessna 208 as next X-Plane project!

X-Plane aircraft makers Thranda have established a great reputation for building detailed aircraft for X-Plane 11 and they have just announced their next project in their dynamic generation series of aircraft: the Cessna 208 Caravan and Grand Caravan.

New project heading to beta

Thranda have already fully evolved their project with this new aircraft. Representing the shorter Cessna 208 Caravan as well as the lengthened Grand Caravan, the aircraft will be part of the highly customizable dynamic generation series. According to the update this means that you’ll be able to have “dynamic liveries, dynamic panels, dynamic dirt controls, DynaFeel flight dynamics enhancement, dynamically configurable for cargo, passenger, and executive version, and a whole lot more things that can be altered and configured without the need to restart the plane.”

This has already been a success on their other projects and I expect it will be on the C208 as well.

Renders of the 3D model in development are already available.

As are some initial in-game images as well.

As a follow-up the announcement, it has been confirmed that a G1000 option will be available and that the cargo pod is available for both the short and long versions of the aircraft.

Thranda hasn’t commented on X-Plane 11 or 12 support but given its in-beta status it seems like it will be an X-Plane 11 release. Presumably there will be an update process to X-Plane 12 later but I will wait for the developers to confirm what their plans are.

No release date has been given but going into beta does sound encouraging. Once new information has come out I will be sure to provide some updates on this. Check out the announcement thread here.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    Having their Kodiak and the BAe 146, I can confirm they do good work! Will add this one to the hangar even though it’s so similar to the Kodiak.

    Little known fact: Thranda did all the X-Plane conversions of Carenado aircraft for years and years. The REP upgraded C210 is another quite nice experience 🙂

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