X-Rotors moves forward with big updates to their AW109 for X-Plane 11

Helicopter maker X-Rotors released their AW109 helicopter for X-Plane 11 late last year. The helicopter arrived alongside mixed reviews in its initial release state, however, the developer has been hard at work with a series of updates. Here’s the latest!

Continuous improvement

X-Rotors has been busy polling their customers and releasing updates for the AW109 post release. The initial release hit with mixed reviews, however, what I really appreciate from any developer is the desire to continue to improve and that’s what we’ve seen from X-Rotors.

Version 1.05 has just come out hot on the heels of 1.04 which marked one of the biggest updates to the helicopter. Consultation with community members and experts has lead the developers to seriously rethink and update the flight model and 1.04 lead with the way with a tremendous number of updates to the flight model, bug fixes for the systems, and tweaks to the audio.

Check out the latest version updates here and the AW109 on their webstore right here.


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