IL-2 “Winter Sale 2.0” is on!

You guessed it by the headline, there’s a sale on and the usual range of discounts are now available for both the IL-2 and Rise of Flight series. As usual, sales are great opportunities to help fill your hangar if you’re looking for a couple of new airplanes, a new campaign or a full battle to simulate.

Sale is on

The usual range of discounts apply with this latest sale. 85% off for Battle of Stalingrad, 75% for Battles of Moscow, Kuban, and Bodenplatte, and a range of 75% off down to 50% off on plenty of other items including Collector Planes and Scripted Campaigns.

The sale applies to both the IL-2 website and Steam and runs until 10:00am PST March 9th.

Check out the full announcement here.


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