New Gotha G.V, 0/400, and Ju88C-6 images for IL-2

A post on the IL-2 forums from IL-2’s Executive Producer has revealed some new screenshots of three aircraft that are coming to the IL-2 series. We have images of the Gotha G.V, Handley Page 0/400, and the Ju88C-6.

The bomber patch?

Posted to Jason’s Ready Room, these latest images give us plenty of good looks at the three new aircraft types coming to the series.

Although the original plan seemed to be for these to be split up, progress on all three of the Gotha G.V, Handley Page 0/400 and Ju88C-6 lead me to believe that the series may be set to release with one big patch in the coming weeks that feature all three. Time will tell.

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  1. scottgridley says:

    I can’t wait to fly both of these in VR!

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