New video highlights F-16C flight model improvements

We’ve known for a while that Eagle Dynamics have been tweaking the F-16C’s flight model and several of those tweaks have already emerged in recent open beta updates. But the next update looks like a more substantial one and the differences are highlighted in a new video released by Growling Sidewinder.

Side-by-side comparison

Growling Sidewinder was given access of a preview of what Eagle Dynamics have been doing for the DCS: F-16C and has put together a very interesting video that showcases what the practical outcomes are.

In the opening couple of minutes, the video shows the differences side by side and they are noticeable with the updated flight model coming soon to open beta showing off a subtle but noticeably faster turn rate with slightly less energy loss during the turn. Although the test aircraft had no weapons on it, this does show us what a “clean Viper” can do and that is sure to impress many of you.

I know the flight model and responsiveness of the jet has long been an issue for many of you and so its good to see this change highlighted. Have a look and watch the video yourself. With a new open beta likely to arrive in the next several days, its likely you’ll also be able to try it out for yourself very soon too.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Awright! Looking forward to some F-16 hotrod action. Could be a very good update.

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  2. sam says:

    Good news for DCS F-16 owners. When I think of flying F-16 sim BMS is overall more appealing. Graphics aside it has a depth to it that other sims don’t have from the data cartridge, and radios on. The mathematics of a Flight Model, I’ll leave that to the experts. I never seen the popular sim youtubers making videos on BMS; wish they would, like Linux it isn’t as graphic popular and as money making but would be interesting to get their expert take on it.

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  3. Baltic Dude says:

    One thing I’m really worried about is ED buffing the F-16 beyond what’s realistic for the aircraft being modeled. Surely lots of DCS F-16 flyers would want a better performing aircraft for the competitive scene but what’s being modeled is the Block 50 version which doesn’t have the performance the other blocks which instead focuses on A2A dogfighting does. I hope this isn’t the start of ED unrealistically buffing NATO aircraft to beat the Russian counterparts because of win-rates or users demand. I have no way to tell if this is how the aircraft is meant to handle or if it’s unrealistic. I hope they can clarify this with us soon.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It’s always a concern about getting these things right. There’s no way for me to know so I have to trust that this is a refinement of their previous flight model.

      There are a couple of points that suggest that this is a right move forward. First, we do have SME’s that have commented that the current version was a bit more sluggish than it should be. That definitely counts for something.

      The second is that Falcon BMS virtual pilots have commented on the same when they compare the two sims. It’s been long standing as a complaint for people who spend time with both sims. And while that’s also a sim that may not be quite perfect… I would suspect that between that “as the gold standard” and the SME’s that give us real world backing that it’s probably angling towards more realistic than less.


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