Big Radials unleashes the Goose for MSFS

Another historical aircraft is coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator in the form of the Grumman JRF-6B Goose. Aircraft Big Radials has put the finishing touches on their aircraft and its now available for purchase. Let’s have a look at this aircraft and some of the unique features that they are advertising.

Goose time!

Originally designed for well off Long Island residents who wanted am amphibian aircraft to take them from their homes into New York City, the Goose went on to lead a very different life, serving military purposes during World War II before turning back to civilian operators after the conclusion of the war.

The version presented by Big Radials is a U.S. Navy spec JRF-6B flown by the US Navy and Coast Guard on maritime patrol, transport, navigation training and other duties. It’s a flexible aircraft being able to fly from land or water and Big Radials says they are interested to see where people decide to take it.

The aircraft sports the usual array of features plus a few unique ones. First, the standard 4K PBR textures, native flight model, high quality 3D model, and sounds. It comes with a Bushtrip (from Seattle to Stewart), and an optional GPS.

There are also some really unique items on offer. Engine failures? Check! Fire and smoke if you don’t look after the engines? Check! Fishing pole and stool to sit on? Check and check! Big Radials, in my experience, have also done a good job of making simple, easy to read documentation and that’s available for everyone to read here.

Think this plane might be for you? Check out Big Radials JRF-6B which is available their website for $35.00 AUD. It’s also available from Orbx!


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  1. HBPencil says:

    Although I don’t have MSFS it’s nice to see the Goose in-game, I’ve got a soft spot for her as when I was a child there was a small domestic airline that used these to service islands out in the gulf (I live in a harbor city) and I flew on them several times… exciting stuff for a four year old!

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  2. IdahoBookworm says:

    This is the aircraft that featured in that 80s show, Tales of the Gold Monkey. I always loved the premise of that show (though the execution didn’t quite hit the highs of pulp adventure I was hoping for). The Goose has a definite nostalgic, early-days-of-flight romance to it. Cool to see it in MSFS.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It definitely has that iconic style about it, doesn’t it? I love that we’ve had more than a few recent MSFS releases capturing that 1930s and 1940s era of flight.


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