1CGS shows off Mosquito FB.VI for Normandy!

This week’s IL-2 developer diary is focused on two items. The first is the latest development images and status on the Mosquito FB.VI for Battle of Normandy and the second is a look at some updated propeller rendering technology. Let’s go!

Mosquito and propellers

First, the development update. Mosquito is making some good progress according to the update and the exterior skins have been finalized enough to show off several variations. There are some unique nose art (rare among RAF aircraft) as well as a SEAC (South East Asia Command) and Coastal Command scheme.

The developer diary goes on to say that the flight model is now underway while the cockpit continues to be worked on.

The other thing being worked on is the propeller disc for aircraft in the series. A developer update shows off a revised visual that is under development. IL-2 propeller discs do sometimes become harder to see in some lighting situations and as the rest of the sim evolves, this visual will as well.

Can’t wait to check out the new Mosquito and the new propeller discs look good too.

Read the latest IL-2 developer diary update here.


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  1. Blue 5 says:

    It’s just gorgeous My soul soars at the sight.

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