RAZBAM updates: MiG-23, IA-58 Pucara and a small F-15E update

A series of social media posts by RAZBAM and one of their team-members has shown off work in progress updates on two DCS World projects that the team are working away on. Both the MiG-23MLA and the IA-58 Pucara are shown. Let’s have a look!

IA-58 work in progress

An Argentinian ground-attack and counter-insurgency aircraft, the IA-58 Pucara was produced from 1974 to 1993 and was used during the Falklands War and remains in service with the Argentine air force. This RAZBAM project seems to be making progress with a series of updates showing off the cockpit and many of the details. Have a look!

MiG-23 progress too

We’re seeing some progress on the MiG-23MLA as well. RAZBAM have had this one on their roadmap for some time and it’s good to see a number of updates on it. Here we’re looking at the cockpit as seen from the exterior model. This is typically lower detail than what we look at when actually sitting in the cockpit.

Despite the lower detail nature, it still looks quite good.

Neither of these projects are going to release any time soon but the updates over the course of the last several days certainly shows that RAZBAM’s artists are busy producing the necessary work on these. Programmers will be undoubtedly brought in later to breath life into these models.

Anything else?

I’m anticipating questions about the DCS: F-15E Strike Eagle. There have been a few small updates recently too. First, this one showing the details of the landing gear. Always impressive to me!

And this update of the pilot 3D model.

In-case you missed it, we last saw the exterior model in January looking quite good in the low sun.

More to come on that one too I’m sure!

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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Very nice, but oh how glacial in realization.

    I really hope the South Atlantic is Q2 but I’m sure that’s wishful thinking.

    Liked by 1 person

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