What we’ve learned from the MSFS March Q&A

A few days ago we had our latest version of the Microsoft Flight Simulator Developer Q&A series and since then I’ve gone through and extracted some of the key updates from the Q&A. Here’s what you might want to know.

From cloud gaming to new developer tools

Asobo and the team at Microsoft continue to work away at Microsoft Flight Simulator adding new developer tools, improving flight modeling, improving aircraft, and adding content. Here are some of the key points that I heard about during the update!

  • Xbox Cloud Gaming support is going well. Jorg Neumann reports that they are breaking records again with the highest number of users ever. 80% of the people trying the Xbox Cloud Gaming are new users.
  • Vegetation slider and visualization in the dev mode. Allow you to switch trees to red so you can see what tree distance you get depending on the settings. Gives people making feedback on vegetation and trees more options. If graphics set to ultra, trees will be at ultra but if graphics are set at low you can scale trees independently up to ultra.
  • World Update 9 will be Italy and Malta. Jorg says this will be the biggest World Update yet with 12 cities and 6 suburbs of photogrammetry. New 2021 aerial data coming from Bing. New DEM data for everything. Coming mid-May.
  • New visualization tools are coming including visualization tools available for the new CFD flight modeling. Another tool will help refine the weight of an aircraft. There’s a new soft body simulation feature so that aircraft with less rigid airframes and control surfaces react more appropriately. This is all coming in Sim Update 9.
  • In addition to all of that, there are updates coming over the next little while where the dev tools can help visualize air and air flows in the simulation. The video shown off during the Q&A shows off a visualization that shows wind, updrafts, and more. The features are already in the sim but the tool should be useful in debugging issues (and no doubt useful for future gliders).
  • Asobo are planning to, over time, update all of their aircraft including ones that were released in the Premium update.
  • More work on VR is being done to solve problems.
  • DirectStorage API is now out and the team is looking into it
  • Both the Junkers Ju52 and the Fokker F.VII have received updates in the latest update. They recognize that the two haven’t quite been as good as they should be.
  • Carenado is the author behind the next Famous Flyer with the Gee Bee.
  • Antonov An-2 (originally Famous Flyer #1). Was originally a few days away from licensing it. Jorg is not able to reach Antonov right now because of the war.
  • Hans and the team at Asobo are working on the ATR and progress remains good.

There’s of course much more that was discussed in the Q&A so you can watch the whole thing yourself below:

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