Thranda releases Cessna 208 for X-Plane 11

The folks at Thranda have released their Cessna 208 Caravan and Grand Caravan for X-Plane 11. Let’s have a look at the latest release from these expert aircraft makers.

The latest in Dynamic Generation Series

The Thranda C208 is the latest in their ‘Dynamic Generation Series’ which indicates that the aircraft comes with a wide variety of custom options including the ability to customize a livery, move around panels, change the aircraft’s configuration (cargo pod, tundra tires, etc.) all on the fly.

The aircraft comes packaged with two versions, the C208 Caravan 675 and the C208 Grand Caravan. The aircraft has 50 instruments to choose from including the Aspen EFD 1000 and support for RealityXP GTN750. It has a realistic custom fuel and electrical system, FMOD sounds, dynamic livery editor, modelled Pratt & Whitney PT6A-114A turboprop, electric tug, and detailed and accurate flight dynamics accounting for weight, cargo position and more.

Thranda have released a series of training videos that give you a complete look at both the module and how to fly the C208 so those are worth checking out. They’ve also released dozens of screenshots of which some are below and the rest are available here.

This version does not come with a G1000 panel, however, an expansion pack has been mentioned on the Thranda section of the forums. Thranda have also not yet weighed in on what their policy will be with this or other aircraft releases with regards to upgrades to X-Plane 12.

Thranda have packed in a lot with this aircraft and it comes with a corresponding premium price. It’s available in the Store for $44.95.


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