iniSimulations offering A300 Beluga for £9.99 in short sale

The X-Plane 11 A300 Beluga ST, part of iniSimulations On The Line series, is one of the more unique entrants to the airliner and cargo carrier world and for a very short period of time you can own it for £9.99.

Flash sale

For a very limited time, iniSimulation is offering the A300 ST Beluga for X-Plane 11 for just £9.99. I’m getting to this a little late but there’s still a bit of time left before the Saturday, April 9th 1000Z (2pm EDT) sale runs out.

The aircraft features custom systems including FMS, 4K PBR texturing, detailed simulation of the GE CF6-702C2A1 engine, 6 cargo options with a custom loader, realistic and fictional liveries, FMOD sounds, and more.

Check out the full feature list, promo trailer and store purchase through the iniSimulations website.


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