News round-up for April 9, 2022

It has been a slightly quieter week in the world of flight simulation but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been some news kicking around and so here are some updates that I haven’t written about through the week.

X-Plane 12 updates

Laminar Research continue to show off what their third party developers are up to and this week we got a look at a couple of X-Plane 11 aircraft that are making the jump to 12. That starts here with the AirFoilLabs Cessna 172 NG which was released not too long ago and is potentially the most comprehensive and realistic simulation of a 172 in simulation. It also appears to be looking quite good in the new sim!

Another developer, Leading Edge Simulation showed off their DC-3 in X-Plane 12. Again, looking quite good.

There’s also news that Laminar Research will be showing off an X-Plane 12 demo at AERO Friedrichshafen in Germany from April 27-30.

Cowan sim offering free updates to XP12

More X-Plane news this week as CowanSim have announced that all of their products are going to be updated for X-Plane 12 for free. The screenshots are not from XP12 but this is nonetheless great news for fans of this helicopter focused developer.

Strike Eagle image

Fans of DCS World and of the F-15E are no doubt anxious to get more details and images of this aircraft. This week we saw one new one which is more of a tease that they are working on it than details of what’s going on… but it is something!

RedStar shows off pilot

Updates continue from RedStar Simulations on their DCS: MiG-17 project and back in late March they provided this brief update of their 3D pilot model. They were asked if a South Asian pilot model (likely intended to better simulate a North Vietnamese pilot) would be available but Red Star has said that they are intending just the one pilot model for now given the challenges of modeling.

Thranda C208 post-launch updates

X-Plane 11 aircraft maker Thranda has done a video detailing some new post-launch features for the Thranda C208. The video covers changes such as dynamic registration number updates (which can be done mid flight) as well as a more detailed simulation of the fuel tanks that include what happens if the aircraft is parked on an incline or is not trimmed properly – the tanks can become unbalanced as fuel flows from the higher tank to the lower tank. Neat detail!

SWS RV-14 releases Monday April 11

It’s been a long wait and one release date delay but Sim Works Studios is about to take the wrapper off of their RV-14 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In a post on their Facebook page, SWS were all too happy to report that the aircraft is ready and is coming.

They also report that the aircraft will have three custom liveries (for BelGeode, AvAngel and Twocats) as well as a manual and paint kit available on their website after release. The paint kid will include a layered PSD and a Substance Painter file included.

The SWS RV-14 for MSFS will be available on their website for €14.99 and will come to other vendors including the MSFS Marketplace soon after that.

That’s it for this week

Although I’ve undoubtedly missed something, that hopefully gets you up to speed on some of the key pieces of news throughout this week. Let me know in the comments if I missed anything big!

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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Good stuff. Really looking forward to the new F-15.


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