1CGS shows off work in progress C-47 cockpit

A small Easter Update from Great Battles Series Executive Producer, Jason Williams, with some new information and a screenshot of the C-47 for us to have a look at. Let’s have a look!

In progress

Offered for pre-order quite some time ago now, I’ve seen some comments recently with people wondering where the C-47. The good news is that it appears to be moving forward with quite a bit of detail work already done. This new screenshot gives us a work in progress image of the cockpit. Jason wants us to note that animations aren’t done yet and the cockpit has been fused with another aircraft model (it looks like a U-2VS) in order to do engine tests on it.

Here’s part of what Jason had to say:

In the spirit of Easter I have have an Easter gift for you! I know many of you are anxiously awaiting the flyable C-47A we have been working on. Actually, it’s being built by Ugra Media with our supervision. Working with third-parties on aircraft is not easy and it’s usually a pretty slow process, but progress is being made. Below is a very much Work in Progress screen of the C-47 cockpit. It’s been grafted onto another model so we can test it in the engine, that’s why it may look a little funny. It will be mated to the C-47 external model soon.

Jason Williams

Good to see the C-47 coming along! Check out his post in the Ready Room to get the full message.


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