C-47, Churchill, StuG, and ground assets IL-2 dev diary

Three third party developers are getting the focus in this week’s Developer Diary from the IL-2: Great Battles team. In it we get a good look at the C-47 cockpit with new images, plus some fantastic detail shots of the Churchill Mark IV and StuG III as well as another armored vehicle for Battle of Normandy. Let’s go.

C-47 with more screenshots

Ugra Media are working on the C-47 for IL-2: Great Battles. Its been available for pre-order for a while now and it looks like efforts to make this aircraft flyable are coming along. Five screenshots, four of which we’ve never seen before, show off the aircraft in progress. The fifth shot we saw this past weekend.

Like the previous shots, it’s clear that they are still using the U-2VS as a test platform before the cockpit is fully integrated with the C-47 exterior model. Despite that, the visuals look great with plenty of cockpit details on display.

Churchill and StuG

Also coming along are the fine details behind the new Collector Tanks that are up on pre-order right now. Both of these tanks are being built by DigitalForms, the team behind the models for Tank Crew. They have lost none of their intense attention to detail as these development screenshots clearly show.

Sd. Kfz. 234

Another third party developer gets the nod in this third section of the update. Luchin Team is reportedly a group of professional modelers that are helping the IL-2 team and their new contribution is the Sd. Kfz. 234. This mid to late war armored car typically packed a 75mm gun and was able to make it up to 90 km/h.

It is slated to arrive this summer as part of Battle of Normandy.

Check out all of this and more on the latest IL-2 developer diary.


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  1. cob says:

    scout car actually had a 50mm cannon. a version with a pak 40 (75mm) was made, but it was just an anti tank gun plopped into the thing, and did not have a turret.


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