IndiaFoxtEcho confirm MSFS Tornado in dev update

A new developer update is out from IndiaFoxtEcho and it reveals some new plans for the som aircraft maker. The big reveal is that they are building a Tornado for Microsoft Flight Simulator. They also update us on the M-346 and EuroFighter Typhoon, also for MSFS. We get a tiny nod to their DCS World project as well. Let’s have a look!


First, the big news is that IndiaFoxtEcho are in the process of building a Panavia Tornado for Microsoft Flight Simulator. According to the update, IndiaFoxtEcho are planning a realistic flight model and “reasonably accurate systems simulations.” They report that they have good materials on a variety of variants and that they plan to do an IDS as a baseline with plans to expand that into a IDS-MLU, GR1, ECR, and the possibility of the ADV.

Other updates

IndiaFoxtEcho are busy with some other projects too. Having just released the Su-31, they also have the Aermacchi M-346 jet trainer and light fighter which they report is running behind on systems and and programming but that they are making progress on the MSFS native HTML 5 based HUD and FCS system.

There’s also the Eurofighter Typhoon which has been on the books for quite some time. The report indicates that the original plan was to use an off the shelf commercial 3D model or upgrade their P3D model. Now they plan to create the model from scratch which means that it will take some more time to come to fruition.

And…. a DCS mention

IndiaFoxtEcho are also working to complete their DCS: MB-339. We know Eagle Dynamics received a development version of that aircraft some time ago and it sounds like development has been ongoing since then. Of course, any mention of a Panavia Tornado is going to have DCS fans with lots of question marks on if IFE have any plans to translate efforts on that aircraft over to DCS. Here’s what they said about that.

…and before you ask, YES, we are aware of the potential of converting some of our projects to DCS – but DCS development is WAY more time consuming than MSFS, so projects must be chosen and planned VERY carefully, otherwise they will fail – and at the moment our DCS is fully committed to deliver the MB.339.


So there you have it.

Read this and many more updates by IndiaFoxtEcho on their Facebook page.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Though initially cool to the DCS MB-339, I had a brief interaction with one the IFE developers on the DCS forums, and the guy was pretty cool. I was impressed. I’ll probably buy the plane and show support.

    …and don’t forget the coffee.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      They seem like good folks! They don’t sugar coat when things are going wrong but they generally do good work.


  2. secret_nogoodnik says:

    You answered the question that immediately popped into my head. The Tornado is quite systems heavy, and probably requires even more work to bring from MFSF to DCS than the average aircraft. Still, a guy can dream.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Yeah I’d imagine bringing the Tornado to DCS would be on a similar level to the F-14, Eurofighter, AV-8B, etc. Not insurmountable but a challenge.


  3. Firdimigdi says:

    Now that brought up quite a few memories of learning how to operate a Tornado in Digital Integration’s sim back in the 90s. Not sure it’s MSFS material really as the bulk of simulation of that plane would lie in its weapon systems.

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  4. Blue 5 says:

    A Tonka Gr.4 would totally arse the kick.

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  5. Frankie Kam says:

    Digital Integration’s 1993 Tornado combat flight sim/game is alive and well in 2022.

    I’m Frankie Kam and I maintain the retro Tornado fan website here at www dot
    I’m also an active modder. FYI, the past 5 years’ history of improvement mods done to game’s assembly language engine code is chronicled here:,5046.0.html

    I am still in touch with Kevin Bezant, then lead programmer of the Tornado project. I am also a DI Tornado curater and I on a quest to collect all manner of source code, Tornado online and offline reviews, DI Tornado-related 1990s photographs, etc. If you know anyone who worked on the Tornado project with Digital Integration, do contact me. I’d me interested to hear you share about the ‘Golden Age’ of flight simulators – circa 1992-1994.

    Frankie “Durian Defense” Kam


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