News roundup: South Atlantic, F-15E, Cold War, Twin Otter offer, and more!

Plenty of news to report on out there in the world of Flight Simulator and that means that it’s time for another round-up! We have news about DCS: South Atlantic, a bit more on the F-15E, there are new details about the DCS Cold War server, a special offer on the Aerosoft Twin Otter, and more

Save on the Twin Otter with the FSA

Are you a Flight Sim Association member? If so you can take advantage of a 20% off deal that the FSA have worked out with Aerosoft. Connect with the FSA to get a personalized discount code and follow the links in the tweet for more information.

Engima’s Cold War Syria server update

Tricker posted to Twitter the new map for Enigma’s second Cold War themed server. Cold War Syria of course makes use of the DCS: Syria map and from the looks of the map layout is significantly bigger in airspace than the one that they used for Caucasus. In all there are 30-sectors to capture ensuring that folks have quite a bit of teamwork ahead to push that frontline.

A preview of DCS: South Atlantic

YouTuber Pricklyhedgehog72 has a new preview video out showing off the DCS: South Atlantic map in development with RAZBAM. Although the map is not done yet, this is our most recent look at the map. It’s looking good!

Tucano and Strike Eagle updates

Two Tweets from RAZBAM’s Ron Zambrano show off the latest work by the art team. The first is the pilot helmet as seen from the cockpit. The original was 3D scanned while this version is the highly refined version used in the sim.

The second tweet shows off the detail work on the ejector seat for the A-29B Super Tucano. Still very much a work in progress but sporting impressive details.

AvAngel previews the Cesssna 310 from MilViz

The next aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator from aircraft maker MilViz is the Cessna 310 and AvAngel has a great first look at this aircraft. Showing off the configurable cockpit, variable dirt texturing, and all manners of detail, this is a preview that you probably want to see if you’re interested in this project.

Orbx releases Great Britain North

Adding details to Microsoft Flight Simulator, Orbx have released a new pack featuring details for Great Britain North. This is a follow-up to their central update. The pack includes about 600 detailed buildings and landmarks and 32 “hero” points of interest with special attention to detail.

And that’s it for today!


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    Now that’s a roundup! Really looking forward to that South Atlantic map. And now that I have MSFS working, all those add-ons are screaming at my wallet. Gonna take a look at the new ORBX package.

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