DCS Flash Sale is now!

Starting now, Eagle Dynamics is offering a flash sale with up to 50% off most offerings. Here’s what you can expect!

Sale time

Until May 22nd at 15:00 GMT, save up to 50% off on the DCS World e-Shop. Most of the modules are available for 50% off on modules like the AJS-37, F-5E, and P-47D-30. Others like the F-16 and F/A-18C Hornet are 30% off.

Even the DCS: F-14 Tomcat, which rarely gets much of a discount, is now up for 25% off.

So, watch the Flash Sale trailer and check out the DCS World e-Shop for more.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    I think the sale is the precursor to the release of the South Atlantic map. We’ll see if I’m right.

    As to the sale, nothing left that I want except the Mi-8. Maybe I’ll get it. Not sure. No sale on Steam yet though.

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    1. harryvoyager says:

      Could also be the Mirage F.1?


      1. CanadaOne says:

        I’m pretty sure it’s not the Mirage because I have no interest in the Mirage. Therefore it simply has to be the map. 🙂

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      2. ShamrockOneFive says:

        LOL well that’s a guess 😀


      3. ShamrockOneFive says:

        I think we’ve got a possibility for that coming up. What we’ve seen from RedKite’s tutorials is looking relatively complete.

        Still no weapons tutorials. I think when we see that we’ll know that we’re close.


    2. ShamrockOneFive says:

      The Mi-8 is an interesting one. It is a bit of a handful during landing with very aggressive VRS but it is one impressive module. It’s a pretty fast helicopter despite looking and handling like a bus.


      1. CanadaOne says:

        I’ve tried it and it’s not easy for sure, but I like that it’s a big fat chopper with great visibility from the cockpit. Kind of a nice change from the Ka-50.

        I have the Mi-24, but the Mi-8 still looks pretty cool.

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  2. Reinhard Eichler says:

    Anyone noticed the unusual focused presence of the Panavia Tornado? Can’t remember to have seen it in any official Videos at all so far and in this one it’s shown multiple times. Are they hinting at something?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I did notice that. Is it a tease or just for the sake of variety? Hard to say.


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